Running order for CSFC Elijah

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Running order for HCF Elijah

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Universal Song resources

We have not actually got a recording of it, but the .mp3 files are computer generated practice tracks, used as learning aids to familiarise yourselves with the voice parts. The various parts are marked with (S), (A), (T), (B), fairly obviously for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. There are also variants marked (SL25), which are 25% slower – useful for initial learning (not that Derek’s piece is particularly fast). There are also files marked (U), for Unemphasised. In these, all voice parts are equally balanced and have a ‘Choir Ah’ sound, useful for getting an overall feel for the piece. They also have some representative dynamics. You should be able to download (or listen online) any or all of these files as required.

The SATB tracks have all dynamics removed, so as to concentrate only on note pitch and duration. In these tracks, the appropriate voice is replaced with a saxophone sound which is emphasised (I.e. louder) compared to the other parts, so that the particular voice can be picked out from the others.

In some of the voices there are split parts (e.g. Tenor 1&2 and Bass 1&2 in bars 175/6) These are both emphasised and we’re afraid you will have to use your ear to identify which part you want.

In addition, there is a PDF file of Derek’s original score, but with the four voices split onto separate staves. This was essential to produce the practice tracks, but you might also find this format easier to follow.

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